Sustainable Development

natural resources + human skills = environmental responsibility

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What does it mean to live in a globalised world?

Among different opportunities and challenges it means that information can be exchanged faster. In general this often results into a higher flow of information per time. It is a plain sailing that increasing information does not automatically mean a better quality of information. More than ever we are challenged to cull information that seems to be genuine and continuative. Here we get to the next fork: Which information is the right one? Information is only as good as we are willing to collect, sort and organise it. In addition we have to update and evaluate it. In short: We permanently have to scrutinise.

Scrutinising means to get into direct and constant touch with different Humans and their abilities and motivations, with Nature and its limited resources and with Technologies that we are faced with at a progressive way.

The overall goal however must be to contribute to a sustainable and fair globalisation. This attitude finally will make it less difficult to find the right information.